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Dedicated to making swimming fun and safe!


What do we need to bring?

If you have already paid for you lessons online, all you'll need to bring is your child and a bathing suit! If you have not paid online please bring cash or check to your first lesson. 


What if my child is extremely fearful or cries in the pool?

Don't worry, we can work through it! This is more common than you think. We handle this by adjusting our technique so that the student feels as comfortable as possible but will still learn something new in each class. Typically, parents can expect this fear to disappear with in the first two to three lessons! 


Will I need to get in the pool with my child?

Children three years old and under will need an adult in the pool with them.  The adult will be asked to stand in 4 feet of water. Swimming to a familiar adult helps the child feel more comfortable in the pool. This is a great experience for both the child and their loved one! 


How many times a week should we come to lessons? 

Schedule at your convenience! For the best results students should participate in a minimum of two lesons per week. 


How much time will my child get with an instructor in each lesson?

Each student will recieve individual attention in every lesson that is suited to their own needs!

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