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What We Do


Little Fins' students range from 10 month old babies to adults! Our trained instructors are equipped to teach all of the different levels of swimming. All classes are thirty minutes long with 1 to 3 students per instructor. Each student will recieve individual instruction based on their skill level and fearfulness. At Little Fins we pride ourselves on our ability to be both assertive and creative in each of our classes; this provides an enviornment that is both fun and condusive to each student's ability to learn. 

Lessons Offered

Group Lessons

Group lessons take place at one of our pools in Harahan and River Ridge. Each class will contain between 1 and 3 students per instructor. Group lessons provide the student an oppurtunity to watch their classmates of different levels progress as they do. This is great motivation! 


Private Lessons

Private lessons are typically offered at one of our pools. These lessons give the student one on one time with the instructor. Private lessons are convienient and great for students who learn better in an individual setting. 


Watch Our Students In Action!

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